What is Joggling

 What is Joggling


is running and juggling at the same time (a mixture of juggling and jogging). It combines an aerobic exercise with an upper body workout, and lots of mental concentration over a long period of time.

It looks difficult, but most people can learn to juggle reasonable well within a month. Then it's just a case of getting off the couch and doing some running. Finally combine both activities and you are now a Joggler.

Then you have to synchronise the ball throws with you running. This is suprisingly easy - next time you see someone out running take a look at the action of their arms. It looks like they're juggling without the balls. A Joggler just does it with balls.

Can't juggle? - why not try running and playing the banjo or doing the yo-yo - who says running can't be fun. Alternatively try these links to some websites that will help you to start juggling:

Why Joggle

Running and Joggling should be fun.


Joggling should be fun

Sports and exercise should be fun, and Joggling is fun to do. It's a great workout for the whole body and offers lots of extra challenges over plain running. For example:

  • Speed Joggling: Being the fastest Joggler you can. To Joggle fast you need to be able to run fast.
  • Error free Joggling: How far can you Joggle without dropping any balls (1 Mile / 5K / 10K or further) - this requires intense concentration over a long period of time.
  • Trick Joggling: How many Joggling tricks can you do in a mile etc (Reverse Cascade, Tennis, Half-Shower, Rubenstein's Revenge!).



A recent report has revealed that Juggling makes you clever.

Joggling makes you clever.

Of course running makes you fitter.

Therefore Joggling should (eventually!!) make you super fit and hyper intelligent.

With this in mind I expect to complete the Grand Unified Theory during my next 10K


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