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Mablethorpe Marathon

Aug 26 2016

Mablethorpe Marathon

I joggled my way through the Mablethorpe Marathon on the 2nd October. The support and organisation was great as always. There were marshals at every corner and junction along the route, and there were loads of water stops along the way (roughly about every 3 miles). I haven't joggled a marathon for a while so I took my time and stopped at all the checkpoints to give my arms a rest and to have a natter with the lovely friendly marshals and supporters. After about 4 hours joggling I was starting to feel it so the last few miles were quite hard. Hopefully this means the next marathon will be easier now.

      Mablethorpe Marathon

I now have a rest for 3 weeks until the next marathon (no. 10 on the list) in Leicester on the 23rd October.

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