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The Canal Canter - Marathon #12

May 16 2017

Searching for my first marathon on 2017 I stumbled across a company called 'It's grim up North running', which it probably is on a cold and murky grey winter morning. The company organises a variety of multi distance events throughout the year, each event usually consisting of a 10K, Half and Full marathons, and an Ultra-Marathon option. 

The canal canter in March started in Kirkstall in Leeds and headed out following the Leeds-Liverpool canal path for 10 miles to Saltaire, before turning back into Kirstall, through the finish area(!) and then into Leeds City centre for 3 miles before returning to the Finish area for good this time.

What can I say, the wildlife is tough up north for a start. I encountered several geese blocking the path at one stage, and no amount of shooing or gesticulations make any difference (not that I could gesticulate much whilst juggling along). They just looked at me like I was the village idiot and made it clear that it was me that going to have to take the detour across the grass.

The wildlife is tough up north!

It's also tough running back through the start / finish area after 20 miles and seeing all the medals laid out knowing I had another 6 miles to go. It's probably the most I've ever concentrated when Joggling during a race, as most of the time we were running close to the canal where dropping a ball would see it sinking to the bottom of the gloomy depths.

However, it was the friendliest event I've ever run in. All the people along the route were brilliant, the marshals and support staff were a delight, as were all the fellow runners. As a Joggling tiger I'm used to the odd disparaging comment or other runners getting annoyed when you overtake them, but at this event there was nothing but encouragement and people seemed genuinely pleased to see something different. The race winner and organisers even donated to the Tiger charity, which was great. 

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