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Boston - Marathon #13

May 17 2017

Cabbage, cabbage everywhere and not a thing to eat. Welcome to the Boston marathon; not the glamorous one with thousands of runners in Massachusetts; but the flat course running through the Lincolnshire countryside.

Boston Marathon cabbage field

It's definitely a race for personal bests, flat as a budget pancake and away from the bustle and traffic of a large town or city race. It was my quickest joggling marathon thanks to a 10 mile burst in the middle of the race, and I was on for a sub 4 hour marathon until everything started hurting with 2 miles to go. The last mile was a bit confusing as it went back into Boston and I thought I'd got lost as I had to avoid traffic and pedestrians until the turning to the finish appeared.

There were plenty of marshals and water stops every 2-3 miles. They were all very friendly and enthusiastic and they even asked us to vote for our favourite marshals at the end of the race --- mmm - not sure about this --- I think they all do a marvellous job volunteering their time to support us runners, so I wasn't particular enamoured to pick out anyone specific for being extra smiley or cheering the loudest.   

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