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Barrow Marathon #23 - 2 Apr 2018

Jun 04 2018

My first marathon of 2018 and a trip to Barrow for day 4 of their summer 4 in 4 days running festival. The evening before and during the race morning there was torrential rain which meant some sections of the course were slightly waterlogged.

This was a scenic loop through the Suffolk countryside starting and finishing in Barrow. There were a few sections where we had to wade through the water. The photo shows the worst part after about 20 miles where it gradually got deeper and was over knee height by the corner. Tigers don't mind water, and it certainly awoke the senses for the last 10K to the finish. 

I managed to sneak in just under 5 hours thanks to a late surge in the last few miles. Had a chat to Anthony the sheep farmer, who kindly donated to the Tiger charity, about the weather and how sheep don't appreciate the rain too much either.

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