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Spires and Steeples #32 - 14 Oct 2018

Jul 26 2019

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This was the 3rd time I had done the Lincoln to Sleaford Spires and Steeples Challenge, but 10 years since the last one. I'm sure it was a lot sunnier then as this time it was a muddy disaster. The organisers put on special coaches so you can leave your car at the finish (Sleaford) and then it would be waiting at the start. It was raining heavily at the start and didn't stop during the whole event, which meant the fields soon turned into boggy quagmires.

Unfortunately I fell over and twisted my ankle after 5 miles, so the rest of the race was a real struggle. Once I'd recovered and deducted that nothing was broken it was just a mad hobbling joggle for the next 21 miles to the finish. Of course, having the car at the finish was a mighty big incentive to keep going and not retire, but I would probably avoid this one in the future unless it was glorious sunshine.

My ankle was like a balloon the day after so I had an enforced 3 week running break, but it was a good 3-4 months until it was all back to normal.

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