Running, Juggling, and avoiding Zombies

Welcome to a world of the dead, the undead, zombies, bizarre monsters of the night, and otherworldly creatures from unknown dimensions. 

They are everywhere. In the shadows waiting patiently, in the woods and forests hiding just out of view, in the corner of your room as you drift off to sleep. They yearn for chaos and confusion, disorder and anarchy. They want to have fun because they are stuck waiting and they are bored, and nothing beats boredom more than a bit of mischief. 

I have a pact. A creature that torments me. A shiver in my spine like a cold wind is breezing through the house. A shimmer in the corner of my eye when the lights go out. Whispering in my dreams, causing nightmare visions. Objects moved or missing, it (he/she) likes trinkets and trophies. I offer it medals, how many until I get peace. 100! - but each one must involve suffering and pain, and come at a price. 100 marathons is my penance. Sometimes it wants more, more suffering and anguish than a marathon, 30, 40, 50 miles.

I am fighting back. Cats are our protectors against the underworld. They can see the things we ignore. Watch them sit and stare up in the air at nothing, when in reality they are giving warnings to the demons that our brains don't allow us to see. Out in the wild the dangers are greater, so we need bigger cats, Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards to keep the darkness away. Please consider a donation to the wildcats as a step towards saving your soul.

I still have my pact to fulfil, but now unearthly creatures try to stop me at every turn. I have 3 orbs to protect me as I run, infused with gold and black tourmaline,and charged in a circle of clear quartz before every race.

I have survived 46 races. This is my story so far.  



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