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Yorkshire Cakeathon #37 - 23 Mar 2019

Jul 26 2019

Yorkshire Cakeathon

This was an event run by SVN (Saxons, Vikings, and Normans) who are normally based too far South for me to take part in unless I factor in an overnight stay. This year they have added some events in Yorkshire and Northampton, and especially with a name like a cakeathon it was too good an opportunity to turn down.

It was a 6 hour lapped event, each lap being an out and back of just over 6.5 miles so it was 4 laps for the marathon distance. At the end of each lap you could go and sample some of the cakes on offer - there were even trophies for the best cakes, and I made some Tiger cupcakes for the event. There was also a seriously big medal at the finish - with lots of cakes shown on it.

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