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Northampton Chocathon #39 - 21 Apr 2019

Aug 13 2019


Just a week to recovery after the Peterborough Marathon, and a month after the cakeathon it was a quick trip down to Northampton for the chocathon. Another event hosted by SVN (Saxons, Vikings, and Normans), this was a 6 hour event with plenty of chocolate in the goody bags for all the finishers. This was a lapped event, each lap was just over 5 miles so it was 5 and a bit laps for the marathon distance. As the race went on the weather got warmer and warmer, and I was worried all the chocolate would melt, so put in a negative split for the 2nd half.

A big chunky medal awaited at the finish, with an even bigger chunkier bar of galaxy and lots of smaller bars in the goody bag. Everything survived the sun surprisingly well, but didn't last too many days before it was all demolished.

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