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Chesterfield Spires Ultra #40 - 11 May 2019

Aug 13 2019

Spires Ultra 2019

This was an opportunity to enjoy some rare hills (living in pancake flat Lincolnshire), following a pleasant circumnavigational route around Chesterfield. At 33 miles this was a nice challenge, but it was more about getting out and enjoying the scenery rather than going for a good time. It was raining at the start so the Tiger hat took a well deserved break and I went with the waterproof jacket. Eventually the sun came out and the jacket was off again. The views were was lovely, running up through the woods and then emerging at the top of a big hill to look down at Chesterfield below.

I swapped the heavier orange juggling balls for some bean bags ones just after the half way mark - at just over 7 hours joggling the arms and shoulders are aching, so any reduction in weight is a bonus. At various points the rain came back so it was on with the jacket, then the sun came out, and off with the jacket ,and so on until the end of the race. 

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