Joggling Times

Can you keep up with a Joggler?

Below are the current world records for various Joggling distances along with my attempts to get vaguely close.

To improve your times you need to put a lot of variety into your training. Try the occasional hill run, or interval/track sessions, and try to have one long run a week (Saturday or Sunday are good days for this).

Also, why not join a running club. I run with the Lincoln and District Runners and it has definitely improved my running times.

Joggling requires juggling skills and upper body strength as well. Practice! Practice! Practice! throwing those balls is the name of the game. During a 10K race there are about 6000 ball throws and catches. 

Current Joggling World Records


Distance Joggling Time (h:m:s) Holder
100m 11.68 Owen Morse
400m 56.23 David Ferman
1 Mile 4:42 Will Howard
10K 36:27 Michal Kapral
Marathon 2:50:09 Michal Kapral
50 Miles 8:23:52 Perry Romanowski


My Joggling Times

Distance Joggling Time (h:m:s) Date
1 Mile 6:19 19 Jun 2015
5K 22:38 6 May 2017
10K 47:01 2 Apr 2017
1/2 Marathon 1:51:25 1 Sep 2017
Marathon 4:07:20 17 Apr 2017
70 Mile Ultra Marathon 20:28:00 23 July 2010


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