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Fundraising for Tigers

I am raising money for the charity Wildcats Conservation Alliance (part of the Zoological Society of London) who are involved in tiger conservation projects around the world. 100% of all donations received go directly towards conservation projects.

Joggling Tiger Fundraising 

Today tigers are classified as an endangered species and there are as few as 3200 tigers left in the wild. The Wildcats Conservation Alliance is involved in over 70 conservation projects in 7 countries which are home to wild tigers.

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To help raise awareness and to support the charity I am joggling various events disguised as a tiger. If you see me on your travels please say hello and consider donating to help ensure there will be lots of tigers about in the future.

Many thanks

Tiger Tim

Be Grrrreat and please Donate

All Donations go to Wildcats Conservation Alliance

Juggling Tiger fundraising for Wildcat Conservation Alliance

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