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Here is collection of Joggling videos so you don't think we just make it all up.

Shires and Spires 2016
Joggling at the finish of the Shires and Spires Northants Ultra 2016 - at about 6:35.
Newark Half Marathon Club Joggling
My first race with the Juggling clubs.
Two Jogglers in London
Me and Perry (Just your average Joggler) met up in London and did some Joggling in Hyde Park. I was doing the London marathon the next day and Perry was off to France for the Paris marathon.
Joggling the Mablethorpe Marathon
Joggling Interview for Radio Leicester
Joggling at the start of the Leicester Marathon

Joggling at the start of the Leicester Marathon - no. 10 out of 100.

Joggling Freestyle Practice
Nottingham Pierrepont 6 Hour Challenge

1st Race of 2019 - 30 miles around Home Pierrepont water sports centre.

Peterborough Marathon 2019

Joggling the Peterborough Marathon 2019.

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