This is a blog about; in no particular order; Running, Juggling, Tigers, and Zombies.

Running is enjoyable, keeps you fit, and helps balance the scales when you have a sweet tooth for cream buns and cakes like I do. It is open to everyone, young or old, and I regular get overtaken by people I used to imagine whiling the afternoons away in a gentle rocking chair listening to the easy going melodies of radio 2, before being awoken for afternoon tea. Now they are all doing 100 mile ultra-marathons and putting me to shame.

Juggling is good for your co-ordination, and combined with running gives you an excuse to go a bit slower, and a better excuse when people ask why you're not winning any races. It also transfers any pains during the race from the feet and legs to the shoulders and back down again, but it enables you to do an aerobic and upper body workout at the same time.

Tigers are large mammals of the feline family (Panthera tigris). There are not enough of them in the wild so I try and do my bit in supporting the charity Wildcats Conservation Alliance who are involved in tiger conservation projects around the world. Please visit their website to see all the good work they do. As part of this fundraising I'm attempting to Joggle 100 marathons or ultra-marathons to join the 100 marathon club, usually in some Tiger associated top, hat or mask. Please visit my 100 marathon club page to see where I'm heading next and my current progress. If you see me at a race it would be great to say hello.

Zombies are undead creatures with a penchant for eating human brains. I like to include them, and other unexplained phenomenon,in this Joggling blog as it makes it more interesting than writing about running across fields for 4 hours, or the frequency of energy gel consumption. As anyone who has run marathons or ultras know if you can let your imagination run wild for a while it helps the time pass a bit quicker. I've some had wild and wonderful encounters in my running career, sometimes in the middle of the night lost on a mountain top or stuck in the woods, so there are elements of truth in all the race reports.

Thank You.

Tim (Joggling Tiger).