Tiger Conservation

I am raising money for the charity Wildcats Conservation Alliance who are involved in tiger conservation projects around the world. 100% of all donations received go directly towards conservation projects.

Today tigers are classified as an endangered species and there are as few as 3200 tigers left in the wild. Wildcats Conservation Alliance is involved in conservation projects in 6 countries which are home to wild tigers.


Their Mission Statement

We are on a mission to save wild tigers and Amur leopards for future generations by raising awareness and funding carefully chosen conservation projects. We support locally appropriate programs that address key conservation issues through anti-poaching activities, population monitoring, wildlife health monitoring, conflict mitigation, education & outreach and capacity building.


My Mission Statement

My mission is to joggle into the 100 marathon club by completing 100 marathons or ultramarathons (and if possible dressed up in something tigerish).  The little Tiger on my head (on the hat, I don't suffer from some biological condition) has completed about 40 races so far. He doesn't like the rain, or blisteringly hot temperatures, but is usually there the rest of the time. Maybe I could keep going to about 150 marathons so he gets to complete the 100 too.



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