Joggling Races 1 - 10

This is the first 10 marathons / ultramarathons I've joggled. It's only taken 10 years, so at this rate I would be about 140 by the time I get to 100 marathons. At least that would be a world record for longevity and being the oldest codger alive.

The video was taken at the Mablethorpe marathon - number 9 on the list. It was actually the 4th time I'd done the marathon, but the first time joggling - so the other 3 don't count :-(.


1 - 10 statistics:


  Races 1-10 Total (1-10)
Marathons 6 6
Ultramarathons 4 4
Distance Joggled 369.2 miles 369.2 miles


1. Spires and Steeples (26.2 Miles) - 18 Oct 2008

Race 1 - 26 Miles 05:39:40

My first Joggling marathon was a trail run from Lincoln to Sleaford going via all the village church spires along the way.

I got hopelessly lost in the woods and fields along the way, but met the great Geoff Capes at the start. He is at the back of the photo ringing the bell to start the race. Don't squeeze too hard Geoff or the bell will be crushed to smithereens.

2. Spires and Steeples (26.2 Miles) - 18 Oct 2009

Race 2 - 26 Miles 04:35:16

Back to the Spires and Steeples route. No Geoff Capes this time, but the route was changed to remove the confusing bit in the woods, so knocked an hour off from last years run.

The local newspaper did a little story on me for joggling the race which was nice. At the time I had no idea I would be trying to do another 98 marathons.

3. Grimsthorpe Ultramarathon (70 Miles) - 23 July 2010

Race 3 - 70 Miles 20:28:20

This was my first Ultramarathon. 7 x 10 laps Joggling around the Grimsthorpe estate. It was good to try the LED balls out and speak to the sheep and the cows as I went along.

4. Rutland Water Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 7 Nov 2010

Race 4 - 26.2 Miles 4:34:19

A big circuit around Rutland Water including two circuits up and down the penisular half way along. Tough on the legs. Wore a cowboy hat for some reason!

5. Yorkshire Frostbite 50 (50 Miles) - 29 Jan 2011

Race 5 - 50 Miles 13:34:00

A frosty race across the Yorkshire Moors to start the year. Kept sinking into icy cold bog water.

Whitby Abbey looks lovely, but is a lot further away than it seems heading back along the coastal path after 12 hours in the snow.

6. London Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 17 April 2011

Race 6 - 26.2 Miles 05:06:20

Managed to get into the London Marathon - woohoo!. Very busy and hot and dressed as a doctor for some reason (long live the NHS or something like that).

Great support along the way - they like it in London if you do something unusual or in fancy dress.

7. Boston 12 Hour Race (57 Miles) - 28 Aug 2011

Race 7 - 57 Miles 12:00:00

A 12 hour race - round and round a little countryside route around Boston. 57 laps in blistering hot sunshine. My first victory! - first male (everyone else gave up, but slow and steady joggling wins the day :-) ).

The lady presenting the trophy looks as suprised as me.

8. Shires and Spires Ultra (35 Miles) - 5 June 2016

Race 8 - 35 Miles 7:12:33

A lovely jaunt around the Northamptonshire countryside, passing besides the ground of some big stately homes, oh how the other half lives.

9. Mablethorpe Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 2 Oct 2016

Race 9 - 26 Miles 4:45:18

A 5 year gap since my last joggling marathon. 2 laps around the Lincolnshire coast, definitely looking forward to chips and ice cream at the finish.

This was the start of the Tiger fundraising hence the Tiger mask. It's the same Tiger mask that a wrestler called 'Tiger Mask' used to wear in the 1970's and 1980's, so it's like a Tiger Mask Tiger mask - if that makes any sense! 

10. Leicester Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 23 Oct 2016

Race 10 - 26.2 Miles 4:27:51

Race number 10 was the Leicester Marathon. Got to do a nice radio interview the day before as they had heard I was planning to go for the 100, they even got me joggling into the radio studio whilst trying to do an interview, which put my co-ordination and multi-tasking skills to the test .

Was busy at the start of the main race then all the half marathon runners branched off after a few miles. Just remember needing quite a few loo stops along the way - sometimes you can do a whole ultramarathon without needing a tinkle, but was in and out of the bushes like an inebriated hedgehog for this one.