Joggling Races 61 - 70

After all the Covid cancellations, it was good to be able to book more races in with confidence. I probably lost about 10 - 12 events I would normally have done over the last 2 years, so wanted to have a good couple of years trying to catch up, so I could reach 100 marathons before reaching 100! 

It was nice to push the distances up and see how I would cope, so the last 5 from 66-70 were all longer events. Race 69 was 50K and managed 80K (just under 50 miles) for race 70.

The video shows me doing some fire juggling with fire balls, and trying some tricks whilst running to see if I can use them for races in the future. It should be good fun but would need to carry a source of fuel with me (like a backpack full of paraffin), which will probably scare a few races directors off :-).


61 - 70 statistics:


  Races 61 - 70 Total (1 - 70)
Marathons 4 50
Ultramarathons 6 20
Distance Joggled 305.73 miles 2069.14 miles


61. WTF Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 16 Jan 2022

61. WTF Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 04:53:50

An early start to my first marathon of 2022 and time to get cracking. Another event from Zig and Zag running, this time just outside Huntingdon. Luckily I chatted to the race director Stephen before the event who suggested trail shoes, so then had a mad dash back to the car to fetch them. It was worth it as it was very very muddy in places, so wouldn't have like to spli and slide everyone in the road shoes.

It was an 8 lap course, quite varied so not too bad. I had a mad caffeine fuelled splurge on the last lap to ensure a sub 5 hour time.

62. Pierrepont Plod (27.8 Miles) - 20 Mar 2022

62. Pierrepont Plod (27.8 Miles) - 05:47:50

A slightly different route for this event, rather than just 5K laps of the lake, these 4 mile laps went around by the artificial canoe / slalom course, and then through the woods before re-joining the cycle path for the last mile and a half around the lake.

I had some early niggles, and by the end of the 2nd lap I was all for giving up. My left leg was painful and I could only shuffle ungracefully along!. Tried going super speedy for the next lap which seemed to ease the pain, and then it was quick and very very slow pacing all the way to the finish. Just managed to complete the lasy lap needed for the marathon with about 10 minutes to spare.

63. Badger Challenge Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 7 Apr 2022

63. Badger Challenge (26.2 Miles) - 05:21:08

I was feeling fully recovered for this event, whcih was 8 laps around Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire. The first half of the lap was mainly uphill to the top, and then a downhill 2nd half which was quite enjoyable. Ended up with over 3,600 ft of ascent (which is higher than Snowdon) so got plenty of exercise for the legs.

Bumped into Alice again, who is always great company, so we spent the first 4 laps chatting away, before she dissapeared off to try out her new walking poles. Just pleased to get round this one, so wasn't too concerned about the time.

64. Boston Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 18 Apr 2022

64. Boston Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 04:20:12

My 2nd time at the Boston (UK) marathon. A nice flat course around the country lanes so a good opportunity to go a bit faster. There's not much change of scenery so it's really just a heads down and go for it exercise.

A bit disappointed I couldn't get a low 4 time, but wasn't 100% at the start. A lot of people didn't collect the T-shirt at the end. It was pretty dreadful though - a large tractor with oversided vegetables underneath.

65. Tissington Trail Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 24 Apr 2022

65. Tisssington Trail Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 04:27:59

This was in Derbyshire and ran along the old Tissington Trail, which is a disused railway line. The course heads gently uphill for the 1st half then it's turn around and come back to the finish.

The first half was tough into a head wind and even though it wasn't particularly steep was a continuous incline. Once I'd recouped at half way I put the music on, had some caffeine, then thought I'd go for it on the way back. The result was about a 30 minute negative split, and a sub 2 hour half marathon on the way back. Great scenery so will love to do this one again.

66. Shires and Spires (35 Miles) - 15 May 2022

66. Shires and Spires Ultra (35 Miles) - 06:56:35

This was my third time at this event after a few years away. The route had changed over the years, and there were multi-distances options (you could choose to do a 10K, half or full marathon distances, or the Ultra). Every year the direction changed. This year was clockwise - I would have to do one of each to see what difference it made - other than the ups and downs being in differnt places.

It's lovely countryside and glorious weather, which is nice to start with but soon wears you out after a few hours. I managed to lose a juggling ball in a field after about 30 miles (I always have a spare or two at hand so not a disaster), but had to tank it uphill over the last few miles to get in under 7 hours).

67. Rasselbock Run (29.52 Miles) - 19 Jun 2022

67. Rasselbock Sherwood Pines (29.52 Miles) - 05:47:45

Just down the road at Sherwood Pines, for a mult-lap 6 hour event. The first half of the lap was an incredibly windy path through the forests which made Joggling a bit more challenging. It also messed up the GPS so the lap recorded well short of the 5K distance.

In the end I decided to do an extra lap just to ensure I covered the marathon distance. My watch ended up reading just under 28 miles, but the official distance was just over 29 and a half - so I'll settle for that.

68. Conquer the Casle (27.96 Miles) - 23 Jul 2022

68. Conquer the Castle (27.96Miles) - 05:27:25

Off to Northamptonshire for number 68, and a visit to Rockingham Castle. A mulitlap (5 and a bit K per lap) event around the fields before climbing back up towards the castle near the end of the lap. I had a bit of time left over so added an extra lap to push the distance up.

69. Double Blingathon (31.05 Miles) - 5 Aug 2022

69. Double Blinkathon (31.05 Miles) - 05:34:59

This was a 6 hour event from SeeYorkRunYork around a cycle race course in York. Each lap was 1K so I knew there would be a lot of laps, but at least I didn't have to carry any food or drink with me.

It was a lovely day to start with, and I decided fairly early on I would try and go past the marathon distance and aim for 50 laps (50K). All was going well until with about 10 laps to go the heavens opened and the rain came thundering down. Luckily I had my waterproof jacket with me so managed a quick pit stop and tucked the tiger hat somewhere dry.

70. Back to school run (49.6 Miles) - 27 Aug 2022

70. Back to School Run (49.60 Miles) - 11:40:32

This was a 12 hour event around the grounds of Worksop College. It was a great opportunity to push myself joggling past the marathon distance. They were quite varied 5K laps so it kept it interesting, although a bit hard work as the day worn on in the sunshine.

I managed 16 laps in the time limit which was officially 80K, and slightly under 50 miles, but I'm very happy with that.