Joggling Races 71 - 80

Joggling Races 71 - 80

It's good to be back at full steam hitting the marathons and ultras again. I have a plan to finish the 100 challenge sometime around September 2024, all going well, so wanted to get somewhere near 75 by the end of 2022.

The video was taken during race 70, a 12 hour event around the grounds of Worksop College. It took me about 4 laps before I managed to throw the balls over the start/finish banner and catch them again.


71 - 80 statistics:


  Races 71 - 80 Total (1 - 80)
Marathons 9 59
Ultramarathons 1 21
Distance Joggled 262.2 miles 2331.34 miles


71. Rutland Water (26.2 Miles) - 25 Sep 2022

71. Rutland Water Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 04:33:19

This was a late replacement for the Hull marathon that was unfortunately cancelled, and my 4th Rutland Marathon. It was the same course as the last time, two out and backs.I seemed to run out of steam a little on this one, so couldn't get under 4 and a half, and nowhere near my last marathon here.

I met my running buddy Sharon at the end, who is also on the 100 marathon quest too, but she is doing loads of races so will probably finish a good 12 months ahead of me.

72. Cakeathon Race (26.2 Miles) - 2 Oct 2022

72. Ruddy Rothwell Cakeathon (26.2 Miles) - 04:53:16

A race with the word cake in it is too tempting to turn down. It was my 12th Grim Event and a new course for them just outside of Leeds. Each lap was 5 miles, with an extra out and back at the end to get the marathon distance.

The first half of the lap was round a bit lake, then it headed through Rothwell Country Park and up and down the big hill at the top. It was quite a toughie, with nearly 1500ft total ascent, so was glad to get round in under 5 hours.There were plenty of cakes at the end though :-). 

73. Yorkshire Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 16 Oct 2022

73. Yorkshire Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 04:24:32

I had the opportunity of running the Yorkshire Marathon, with several thousand other runners. The event started just outside York, passed through the city centre, past the cathedral, and then out into the countryside before heading back to the city for the finish. It's always good Joggling in a big event as the support is brilliant from all the spectators, and fellow runners.

There was a long out and back section where you headed along the road, with all the runners ahead of you coming back the other way, so it was great to share some encouragement with them. It did seem to go on for miles until the turn around point though, but then you got to encourage all the runners behind you on the way back.

Met the twins, Keith and Colin, at the finish. They are both brilliant, and run ridiculous amount of miles and races between them.

74. Maravan (26.2 Miles) - 20 Nov 2022

74. Maravan (26.2 Miles) - 04:27:07

I was back at the Maravan,6 years after my previous visit. This consisted of multiple laps around Thorpe Park Holiday Centre in Cleethorpes. This was 7 and a bit laps of the park (each lap being about 3.6 miles). We did the extra mile first and then it was just 7 laps to the finish.

It was a very pleasant day and had a good run to finish under 4:30. Even spotted a big fox on the 1st lap sat outside one of the caravans (I thought it was a statue at first until his head moved a little). He didn't seemed phased by all the runners, but had disappeared by the next lap.

75. Maramile (26.2 Miles) - 17 Dec 2022

75. Maramile (26.2 Miles) - 04:18:29

5 years ago I did this event as my first (and only so far) back to back marathons (Saturday and Sunday). This time it was just the one day. This was 8 laps (just over 5K a lap) around Newark Showground. It was a chilly day so wore the running tights for the first time in ages. Also had big ski gloves on for the first few hours, which makes the Joggling a lot more interesting!

Had another good run, and pushed it a bit towards the end to sneak under 4 hours 20 minutes.

76. Bridlington Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 30 Dec 2022

76. Bridlington Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 04:44:55

This sounded like fun, a trip to the South Yorkshire seaside to run up and down the coastline. It was my 13th Grim event, and it was good to sneak in my 16th event of 2022, which was the most races I'd Joggled in a year. The event consisted of 4 out and backs running down the coastline for about 3 and a bit miles before heading back to the start.

It wasn't too cold but the wind!. There were gusts of 50mph blowing from the South, so the 1st half of each lap was so much hard work. I thought I wouldn't be able to Joggle it after the first few minutes, but managed to compensate enough to be OK. Of course Joggling back from the turn around point with the wind pushing you along was much more enjoyable.


77. Knaresmire Edge Rewind (26.2 Miles) - 27 Jan 2023

77. Knaresmire Edge Rewind (26.2 Miles) - 04:46:55

My first event of the 2023, and it was back up to the racecourse at York for this event. An 8 and a bit lap event hosted by SeeYorkRunYork.

I struggled a bit towards the end, so was glad to get in under 5. Also got a T-Shirt and certificate for running over 100 miles at this events, which was cool. The next prize is at 250 miles, so have a bit more to go yet.

78. Brandon Park Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 12 Feb 2023

78. Brandon Park (26.2 Miles) - 04:51:10

This was a ZigZagRunning event in Brandon Country Park, just near Thetford in Suffolk.It's a lovely park but hiller than I'd imagined, so it was quite tough in the end (1600+ ft of ascent).

Got free cake at the end which is always a bonus.

79. Bingley Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 19 Feb 2023

79. Bingley Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 04:46:15

Event #14 with the Grim team, starting at Bingley just outside of Leeds.This followed the Leeds to Liverpool canal up towards Skipton for 13 and a bit miles before heading back to Bingley.

It was quite a nice event, although you ran close to the canal, so I was weary of not losing a ball in the deep depths. We also had the five-rise locks to contend with, which was an unexpected climb in the first mile.

80. Big Bear Elephant Run (26.4 Miles) - 7 Mar 2023

80. Big Bear Elephant Run (26.4 Miles) - 04:58:04

Back in Salcey Park in Northamptonshire for the 2nd time in this BigBear event. 8 laps on a slightly different course around the park. It seemed a long way as I ended up with over 28 miles on the GPS (I could feel the last few miles in my legs!). Officially the distance was 26.4 miles.

I had a bit of a niggle in my Achilles tendon (which really flared up for my next event #81). I'd invested in some carbon plated running shoes (just for the short distance) and was hammering out 5K and 10K PB's, but my body hadn't adjusted to the differences between these and my standard long distance plodding shoes.