Joggling Races 21 - 30

It took just under 8 months for the next 10 (21-30) marathons. It would have been a bit quicker but I was hibernating (recovering) until April of 2018. I think I was just too scared of having cold hands at the time!.I generally stuck to marathons during these 10, with just the one 35 mile, revisiting the stately homes in Northamptonshire again.

The video was taken at the end of 2016 just before the Leicester marathon, number 10, it seemed so long ago. It was a really nice interview, except for them making me juggle at the start whilst trying to answer questions at the same time, but it gave me the opportunity to talk about Tigers for a while.


21 - 30 statistics:


  Races 21 - 30 Total (1 - 30)
Marathons 9 23
Ultramarathons 1 7
Distance Joggled 270.8 miles 926.33 miles


21. Newark Showground Day 1 (26.2 Miles) - 16 Dec 2017

Race 21 - 26.2 Miles 05:34:00

7 laps around the showground at Newark. It was flipping freezing so I had more layers on than a french onion. Trying to juggle wearing hand warmers and 2 pairs of gloves made it more interesting.

Had to go easy at the end as I was planning to run another marathon the next day.

22. Newark Showground Day 2 (26.2 Miles) - 17 Dec 2017

Race 22 - 26.2 Miles 05:09:19

The 2nd day of running around the Newark showground. It was warmer than the day before so didtched all the layers and went for the Santa look instead. It was the last marathon before Christmas after all.

23. Great Barrow Challenge (26.2 Miles) - 2 Apr 2018

Race 23 - 26.2 Miles 04:56:48

A big loop around the countryside near Barrow. Parts of the course were waterlogged, the worst bit being near the field shown in the photo where it was nealry waist deep in the middle.

24. Bungay Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 8 Apr 2018

Race 24 - 26.2 Miles 04:27:09

After hibernating for 4 months and avoiding any cold marathons, I entered the Bungay marathon as a prelude to the London marathon 2 weeks later. The course was 2 laps and even visited the delightfully named Pudding Moor.

Quite a few up and downs along the way but felt ok considering the long break after the last maratahon the year before.

25. London Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 22 Apr 2018

Race 25 - 26.2 Miles 05:13:39

My 2nd visit to the Londo marathon. It was a boiling hot day so was i joggling through the little showers at the side of the road. I normally avoid these as the balls get slippy and trickier to joggle.

The last mile felt like I'd done 50 miles up in the mountains, so was glad of a welcome pint or two after finishing.

26. Roche Abbey Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 6 May 2018

Race 26 - 26.2 Miles 05:38:04

My 3rd Grim up North marathon, this was 4 laps through the countryside near Roche Abbey. Another hot day and an undulatory course made this a bit of a toughie.

Met a couple of my running club mates near the end for the obligatory photo.

27. Shires and Spires Ultra (35 Miles) - 20 May 2018

Race 27 - 35 Miles 06:50:43

My third time running through the Northamptonshire countryside. Another glorious warm day and lovely scenery. Met Sarah from our running club there and she only beat me by an hour, even though it was my quickest time there.

28. Halifax Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 1 Jul 2018

Race 28 - 26.2 Miles 04:48:57

A scorching hot day for this two lap soiree up in the hills around Halifax. The scenery was lovely, and after a few leg crunching climbs the last 5K of each lap was a downhill dream.

Had to force myself to back off at the end of the 1st lap but went like a loony on the downhill on the 2nd lap and got a 5k Joggling PB. 

29. Dusk Till Dawn (26.2 Miles) - 28 Jul 2018

Race 29 - 26.2 Miles 04:56:48

My 2nd Dawn to Dusk event. I managed to avoid any accidents this year thankfully but as always the heavens opened and it turned into a muddy quagmire. I stopped after the marathon distance as everything was getting super soggy by then.

The photo shows some of the joggling balls I used, the orange ones are my favourite, a little heavier but water proof. The LED ones are cool and cycle through different colours so I look like a circus going past at night.  

30. Rocky Horror Tribute Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 12 Aug 2018

Race 30 - 26.2 Miles 04:52:41

I'm not sure the Rocky Horror Picture Show had any tigers, but this event was near where I was staying in Shropshire so seemed an idea. The days before I'd been training in the beautiful Shropshire mountains, so my legs were wrecked before the start (it was struggle even getting out of the car before the start).

I normally don't mind a few laps, you don't have to carry a full load with you and can leave food and drink at the start, but this was a mind numbing 43.5 laps on a cycle track. At least each lap didn't take too long, and someone was counting the laps for me. The legs started working properly after 10 laps of shuffling so managed to get round under the 5 hour mark.