Joggling Races 31 - 40

Another 8 months for the next 10 (31-40) marathons. Mostly marathons again, including another visit to the Holme Pierrepont water center (not again), and the cakeathon and chocothon, with themed medals and lots of goodies tied in with the name.

The video was taken after the start of a very soggy and muddy Spires and Steeples challenge (Lincoln to Sleaford). It rained all the way and a couple of miles later I sprained my anckle falling in the mud, so the last 20 odd miles were a bit of a struggle. My MP3 player also played it's last song before dying in the rain, so I was just glad to make it to the finish line. 


31 - 40 statistics:


  Races 31 - 40 Total (1 - 40)
Marathons 8 31
Ultramarathons 2 9
Distance Joggled 272.6 miles 1198.93 miles


31. Hornsea Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 2 Sep 2018

Race 31 - 26.2 Miles 04:22:23

This was my 4th Grim Up North event, starting at the seaside in Hornsea, then following the track of an railway line into Hull, turn around and then head back.

The first half was just under 2 hours, so had visions of a Joggling PB under 4 hours, but wilted on the way back in the sunshine.

32. Spires and Steeples (26.2 Miles) - 14 Oct 2018

Race 32 - 26 Miles 05:33:00

Revisiting this event after 10 years, with the promise of a nicy shiny medal at the finish. It rained before the start and for the next 5 hours so the fields turned into a gloopy mudfest. 

I fell over in the mud after about 4 miles and twisted my ankle, so the next 20 miles or so was painful going, especially a few minutes later when the MP3 player played it's last tune and died. I was glad to finish about 5 hours later.

33. Kirkstall Abbey Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 17 Nov 2018

Race 33 - 26.2 Miles 04:37:54

Was still recovering from my ankle injury, so it was a slow start to this event. My 5th Grim event, this time 4 laps starting at Kirstall abbey, before heading along the river bank and across a few fields.

You can't beat a beer and chocolate in the goody bag along with the medal at the end.


34. Barrow Xmas Tipple (26.2 Miles) - 28 Dec 2018

Race 34 - 26.2 Miles 04:56:44

This race popped up and I thought it would nice to finish the year at the same place (Barrow) as the first race at the ned of the year. Thankfully the floods had subsided this time so the course as a lot easier.

I ran out of steam a bit at the end but managed to rally round and get in under 5 hours.


35. Pierrepont 6 Hour Event (30 Miles) - 19 Jan 2019

Race 35 - 30 Miles 05:39:44

I was back at Holme Pierrepont again. I must have forgot what it was like running around and around the lake, or else it's got easier for me to switch off and go onto autopilot.

This time it was hosted by my friends at Grim Up North, so there was lots of great support as normal, and I even got to use the LED balls towards the end as it got darker, and managed to sdqueeze an extra lap in to take me over 30.

The first half was just under 2 hours, so had visions of a Joggling PB under 4 hours, but wilted on the way back in the sunshine.

36. Cambridge Boundary Run (26.2 Miles) - 10 Mar 2019

Race 36 - 26.2 Miles 04:53:28

A nice race hosted by Cambridge University. It was a big lap around the city which I quite enjoy, as it's all new scenery along the way.

It was quite a challenging course but the support was great, which helps a lot. They even gave me 3 medals at the finish, one for each juggling ball :-).


37. Yorkshire Cakeathon (26.2 Miles) - 23 Mar 2019

Race 37 - 26.2 Miles 04:58:51

Cakes, cakes everywhere. This is my kind of running. I even bought along some tiger cup cakes.

This was 4 laps of an out and back course which visited the cake display every lap, so wasn't conducive to a quick time, well not unless you have a lot more self control than me.

Had to go a bit quicker at then end to beat 5 hours again, but got to take home loads of cake with my medal.

38. Peterborough Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 14 Apr 2019

Race 38 - 26.2 Miles 04:24:54

The first running of the Peterborough marathon. A nice big loop in and around Peterbrough. Great support from everyone along the way.

I found my legs a bit more on this one so was pleased to get under 4 1/2 hours. It would have been a bit quicker if I didn't keep stopping for photos!.


39. Northampton Chocathon (26.2 Miles) - 21 Apr 2019

Race 39 - 26.2 Miles 04:47:09

What's as good as lots and lots of cakes. Lots and lots of chocolate of course. It was a blisteringly hot day but thankfully all the chocolate was tucked away somewhere cool.

Just over five 5 mile laps for this event, and I saved all the chocolate for after the finish. Super cool big chocolate inspired medal to go with it too.

40. Chesterfield Spire Ultra (33 Miles) - 11 May 2019

Race 40 - 33 Miles 07:06:13

A little bit further for race no. 40. This was a nice big circular loop around Chesterfield with lots of running up and down the surrounding hills.

It would have been nice to sneak under 7 hours, but the constant start stop start rain meant I spent loads of time taking the water jacket off and then back on again,.