Joggling Races 11 - 20

Thankfully the next 10 marathons didn't take as long as the first 10, and managed to get from 11 to 20 in just over a year. Tried to keep as much variety in the races and sneaked a couple of Ultramarathons in along the way.

The video was taken at the Newark Half Marathon, I know it doesn't count!, and was the furthest I'd joggled with clubs. It would be good to do at least one marathon with the clubs, but it's flipping hard work on the arms and shoulders, and even a small gust of wind causes chaos!


11 - 20 statistics:


  Races 11 - 20 Total (1 - 20)
Marathons 8 14
Ultramarathons 2 6
Distance Joggled 286.33 miles 655.53 miles


11. Maravan (26.2 Miles) - 19 Nov 2016

Race 11 - 26.2 Miles 05:14:35

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside. In this case, though, it was laps around the nearby caravan park. At least I got to go to the promenade at the finish, but all the fish and chips shops were closed (it was only November too!).

I originally planned to return the next day for back to back marathons but was too tired out, and the weather man said it was going to pour down the next day (he was right!), so was glad I settled for a few beers and a lazy morning instead.

12. Leeds Canal Canter (26.2 Miles) - 11 Mar 2017

Race 12 - 26.2 Miles 04:52:38

My first Grim Up North race - this time along the Leeds - Liverpool canal path. The turn around point was about 10 miles away and so we had to head back through the finish and out the other side for another short out and back.

We were running close to the canal edge so had to keep a good control of my balls or else they would have disappeared into the depths. I remember the ducks, geese and swans up North being particularly tough and refusing to budge for anyone!

13. Boston Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 17 April 2017

Race 13 - 26.2 Miles 04:07:30

Not the glamorous Boston marathon where all the super fast runners go, but the UK equivalent around the pancake flat cabbage fields of Lincolnshire.

The weather was nice, so decided to try for a PB and edge towards the low 4's. Had visions of a sub 4 hour marathon with about 5 miles to go but ran out and steam and sauntered in a few minutes over. Maybe some cabbage juice along the way was needed for extra propulsion, well it may have made me dash for the loo's at the finish line.

14. Edinburgh Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 28 May 2017

Race 14 - 26.2 Miles 04:35:41

I got my proper snowballs up in Scotland for the Edingburgh marathon. A pleasant out and back with lots of support along the way. Had some caffeine gels about 5 miles before the end and went like a rocket!.

15. Shires and Spires (35 Miles) - 4 Jun 2017

Race 15 - 35 Miles 06:52:16

Back running around the Northamptonshire countryside and admiring the stately homes again. Went a bit quicker this time and sneaked under 7 hours. This is me outside the Althorpe estate, about 20 miles into the race, they wouldn't let me into the manor house though to use the loo!

16. Dusk Till Dawn (41.73 Miles) - 29 Jul 2017

Race 16 - 41.73 Miles

This is a great little event thats runs from 6pm to 6am the next morning. Run as many times around the 5K laps as you want, with lots of snacks at the end of each lap.

Each lap goes along a woodland path (that turns ever muddier during the inevitable rain) before heading back around the lake to the start. I was aiming for about 50 miles but ran into a brick wall daydreaming in the early hours and cut my hand ope, cue some DIY first aid, another very slow lap, then off to A&E to get patched up.


17. Thetford (Iceni) Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 10 Sep 2017

Race 17 - 26.2 Miles 05:06:54

This was a long out and back starting at Thetford and running out into the countryside and back again. Not a lot to say about this one, it was pleasant enough and had a chat to a few people along the way.

18. Nottingham Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 24 Sep 2017

Race 18 - 26.2 Miles 04:43:42

A nice race that weaved around the centre of Nottingham for the first half, with a suprising amount of up and down thrown in, before heading back to the start for the half marathon finish, and then heading out into the countryside for us marathon runners.

It was nice to meet some of my fellow club members running and we had a nice photo at the finish.

19. Kirkstall Abbey Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 17 Nov 2017

Race 19 - 26.2 Miles 04:55:00

My 2nd Grim up North event, this time 4 laps around the canal path and fields outside Leeds. I missed the start by about 20 seconds as I was busy nattering to someone and then turned around and everyone has disappeared up the road.

20. Nottingham Christmas Marathon (26.2 Miles) - 3 Dec 2017

Race 20 - 26.2 Miles 04:34:42

A Christmas marathon running around the water centre at Holme Pierrepont. What could be more fun. After about 3 laps I lost the will to run as it's just so dull!. At least it was flat and you couldn't get lost.

We had some Christmas food at the end, but I vowed never to run around here again!. (* as of May 2022 I've been back here another 3 times - must be a glutton for punishment).